Encaustics means that the paint is a mixture of wax, damar varnish, and pigment (the color).  I work on a hot palette, something like a griddle and apply the paint in layers.  I've been doing encaustics since the late '90s.  I love the texturing, layering of color, and how it can be used to express nature.  It's very hard to control, but the surprising effects can be amazingly beautiful.

NOTE:  One question I'm often asked...won't it melt in high heat?  Yes...but only if your house is burning down!  The working temperature for encaustics is 220 degrees, so it is very safe in your home.  And, the color has better longevity than oil paint, watercolor, and other mediums.

Below are some examples of my work.  If you want a painting that is sold, I can reproduce something like it...although your version will be unique.

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